El Mostakbal City Potable Water and Irrigation Tanks and their Pump Stations

El Mostakbal City, New Cairo, Egypt

Owner El Mostakbal for Urban Development
Engineer AAW Consulting Engineers - ACE Consulting Engineers Moharram Bakhoum


The project is turnkey construction. Scope of works includes all civil, architectural finishing, electromechanical, infrastructure, landscape and road works. The project comprises two sites:
1) Potable Water Tank Site: Potable water concrete ground tank with a capacity of 48,000 m3, along with pump station 3102 liter/sec., generators building 1.2MW, steel fuel tank with capacity of 14 m3, ring main unit building, chlorination building, control valve rooms and administration building.
2) Irrigation Water Tank Site: Irrigation water concrete ground tank with a capacity of 24,000 m3, along with pump station 1835 liter/sec., transformers building, ring main unit building, control valve rooms, warehouse building, workshop building and administration building.
The contract is on re-measure basis.