SIAC (Industrial Construction & Engineering Company) was established in 1986, to be an Egyptian private sector joint stock company, that is operating in the field of general construction contracting. Meantime, it is classified (by the Egyptian Construction Contractors Federation) as a first class contractor.

To optimize the untapped human resources has been the added value of SIAC since foundation. This approach has formed the cornerstone of the Company’s operation and success. Accordingly, the management has undertaken to select, train and develop associates; build their loyalty to the Company, empower and enable them to provide customers with outstanding, integrated services that meet international standards.

It is also worth noting that SIAC is working as a regional firm, with experience in the Middle East and Africa (Yemen, Qatar, Libya, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iraq) through the execution of prestigious integrated construction projects, which include but are not limited to: civil works, infrastructure projects, electromechanical works and high quality finishing works.

It is the firm managerial abidance by the formula that has indeed produced SIAC’s current position: one of the leading local private construction firms in Egypt and the Middle East with a wide and diversified experience in many construction fields such as buildings, heavy civil, power plants, infrastructure, and electromechanical projects, turnkey and architectural finishing projects…etc.

SIAC is also a member of SIAC Holding that encompasses a number of diversified, yet integrated, companies operating in related construction, development, building materials and energy sectors. It has thus the advantage of providing a wider range of services that are engaged in the construction and development sectors.

Eco-friendly, or ecological, construction is building a structure that is beneficial or non-harmful to the environment, and resource efficient. Otherwise known as green building, this type of construction is efficient in its use of local and renewable materials, and in the energy required to build it, and the energy generated while being within it.