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SIAC Holding is pleased to announce the opening of “Majarrah Office Park & Shopping Mall” in Sheikh Zaid City in Egypt on 14th of December, 2018

The development arm of SIAC Holding is one of the key players in the Egyptian market. It has a diversified investment portfolio, including commercial, administrative, industrial parks & residential projects. One of these projects is “Majarrah Office Park & Shopping Mall” in partnership of ‘Benaya Co.’

Majarrah is a state of art ‘class A’ office park with mixed-use commercial areas with a total built-up area of 68,000 m2. 

The project consists of 4 buildings 3 mixed offices and retail space and one for fine dining in addition to a fantastic open-air plaza area. 

Majarrah offers a pleasant atmosphere & cheerful stay for its clients & guests & has enriched the surrounding community

Owner: Bonyan for Investment & Development (A partnership Company between Benaya & SIAC Holding) 

Consultant: Howeedy – Phase 1 / COSMOS-E - Phase 2 

Location: Sheikh Zaid City, 6 October, Egypt 

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